New Hampshire NHL Online Sports Betting Sites Review: Best NHL Sportsbooks & Apps

If reports from 2019 are to be considered, the state of New Hampshire already enacted the sports betting bill and did not expect any actions until July this year. Betting through offshore NH retail sportsbooks for NH residents has become seamless to wager on sports as the state does not include any laws that make it a crime to place individual bets at the sportsbooks.

Best NHL Betting Sites in New Hampshire
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NHL Online Sports BettingBettors only need to download or visit Draftkings in order to create an account. It’s integral to check for the sport & outcome you wish for betting on NHL online in NH. As soon as bettors place a bet, all you can do is follow games and bet live. But figuring out the right mechanics of betting can often be intimidating, although NHL betting in New Hampshire might sound a great way to add the game’s excitement.

Betting on and getting more real money through betting sites in New Hampshire out of this hockey season on NHL is an exciting affair.  And if you are a fan of betting on hockey, here’s how this post is going to give you an insight into NHL betting tendencies in New Hampshire.

Best Websites for NHL Betting in New Hampshire

Signing sports betting into the nation’s laws, the governor of New Hampshire has made it official ever since July 2019. Each state-regulated sportsbook started welcoming new wagers online and through the mobile application the same year.

DraftKings – The Ultimate Betting Platform in NH

NHL Online Sports BettingSports betting has recently started in the state, so there are not many betting sites currently operating here. DraftKings is the only site that has been providing its amazing betting services to the bettors. Being a top-rated sportsbook in the country, DraftKings has got a major welcome in the state and players have been seeking its services. When it comes to bonuses, DraftKings has been very considerate. The welcome bonus of $520 is pretty beneficial for beginners to start their bankroll.

Introducing the Different Betting Types to Wager on NHL

To facilitate the process of figuring out the right mechanics of betting on hockey, this post has compiled the different types of New Hampshire NHL betting in the given below pointers. From complex bets like parlays to straightforward ones like puck lines, here is a brief explanation of each type of bet to wager on NHL. Learn How to Bet on the NH through these types:

Puck Line

Betting on the puck line is straightforwardly analogous to betting on run lines in baseball games or against spreads in football games. In fact, the puck line is also called hockey point spread betting or NHL spread betting. Its fundamental mechanics are similar to that of betting on the spread in a significant and professional North American league.

Why it’s unique is because bettors don’t bet on outright losers or winners. Betting on favorites or underdogs means they have to win or not lose by the specific number of goals, respectively.


Also referred to as over/under, it’s similar to the aforementioned betting type! For such a bet, you have to bet on the total score of teams combined, whether above or below a number. Half of the goals eliminate the chance of the “push” or the tie.

You will notice the odds to be the same whether you choose under or over (indicated by -110). And the number indicates ‘payout.’ However, there are a couple of exceptions to the rules that can be applied to this betting type. You can usually expect to put down $110 in case you wish to win the same amount.


Calling this the most straightforward type for NHL betting in New Hampshire is unquestionably a truth. While placing the bet on this type, you are betting on the one who’s going to win the game. No contingencies are included, and it’s the only victory that matters entirely.

NHL Online Sports BettingWhile it’s similar to a puck line, it has one “+” sign right next to the Moneyline number. If you bet on the negative Moneyline (i.e., the first above-mentioned one), you need to bet around $175 to win $100. If you bet $100 on the positive Moneyline (Washington Capitals), you have to lose $250 ($100 from the stake, & $150 of the profit) in case they win.


Sportsbooks offer a range of Futures Bets ahead of starting each NHL season. To name a few, they are winners of the cup, destinations of free marquee agents, and conference titles. One more popular futures bet is betting the over/under on teams winning totals for a season.

There are additional futures bets, including individual player awards. These allow bettors to select the field options and offer flexibility just if you believe that the player is standing to win and who isn’t in the listed option. Once the season starts, sportsbooks would close the future bets.


Parlays are the types of bets involving more than a particular event. It can also be within one game or around several games. When bettors parlay outcomes of games, they bet that the outcomes would occur as predicted.

Parlays may involve numbers of combinations of puck line, Moneyline, or even over/under bets from one or more games. Only a few sportsbooks can let you include the bet on Moneyline & the puck line simultaneously on one game.

Prop Bets

NHP prop bets are also referred to as propositional betting, which allows wagering on some players & events. The choices vary from one sportsbook to another owing to the requirements needed for NHL betting in New Hampshire.

Prop bets are straightforward and will ask you to wager on a specified event to transpire during the gaming course.

NHL Betting the Biggest: Facts & Facets to Learn About Regular Seasons

NHL Online Sports BettingNHL Season 2019-2020 has been the 103rd season of the National Hockey League. The regular season was initiated on the 2nd of October, 2019, with playoffs planned for the month of April and Stanley Cup Finals anticipated for June. The season got suspended on the 12th of March, 2020, owing to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the 22nd of May, the NHL NHLPA agreed for the play’s resumption, which would witness things similar to regular seasons, with the top 12 teams playing in each conference and competing in expanded Stanley Cup playoffs. Mentioned below are the playoff odds & betting trends:

The playoffs odds & futures lines of the NHL got adjusted throughout the year after it opened the last offseason. Odds rose and fell to reflect standings as favorites and underdogs changed places in the mid of winning and losing streaks. The sportsbooks now have reset the odds for an unprecedented format comprising 24 teams.

Winning the Stanley Cup always has an odd: the main draw. The Lightning and Bruins were favorites when the NHL returned past summer, for both had more than 650 odds to raise its Cup. Bettors who consider Lightning in early August would already have returned a $65 profit on a $10 bet.

Game lines add over/under for the goal totals ranging between 5 and 6.5 with odds between -120 and +120 on one side. A puck line or spread of +/- 1.5 can handicap favorites by asking whether they will win by one or multiple goals. Odds usually are set at -110 for both the teams, while Moneyline might price favorites at chalkier -250 & underdog at +200 or even higher.

Player props include a few contenders to win the Conn Smythe Trophy. The odds might range between +100 and +10000. In fact, it reflects the player’s point production as well as abilities & chances of the team(s) capable of winning the Stanley Cup. Game props can ask simple questions like whether they will score goals or express themselves as over/under lines for the number of shots on goals they register.

List of the Hand-Picked Tips for NHL betting in New Hampshire

There are some underlying factors that do play a role in a matchup’s outcome. To mention them here’s narrating one after the other:

Selecting the Right Betting Type

Various betting types are there, which you have already read in the first part of this post. It’s fundamental to determine the predictable lines, offering the greatest payouts. The first step is to figure out the major concepts behind every betting type before analyzing them.

Having Practical Sense of Betting

NHL Online Sports BettingThere’s no alternative to the experience that watching games firsthand would give you. It makes sense to watch the box score at the end of the day. But did you know most statistics are accrued during the game’s waning minutes? Thus, betting on the NHL requires considering garbage time stats, as they are pivotal.

Latest News about NHL in NH

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, NHL had begun brainstorming neutral site locations in order to finish the season alongside the Stanley Cup playoffs. As of now, the NHL and NHL Players’ Association has announced on the 6th of October that they are going to shift the target date for the 2020-21 season to 2021 (1st of January), which was initially targeted for 1st of December.

The Last Call

NHL betting in New Hampshire gives a slew of sports betting choices for NH residents. New Hampshire comprises its statewide online sports betting platform for its residents via DraftKings. Additionally, offshore sports betting websites have also become accessible to sports bettors of New Hampshire for NHL Finals.

Read more about legal online gambling and betting in New Hampshire:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet on NHL online in NH?

Yes, NH bettors can bet through legal sports betting in NH.

How to bet on the NHL playoffs in New Hampshire?

Betting on NHL playoffs in New Hampshire is seamless. The only thing required is to download DraftKings and create an account. Place the bet & follow the games to bet live in-play NHL betting.

How to bet on the NHL All-star game?

Betting on NHL All-star games can be done through several betting types: Moneyline, over/under, prop, and Point spread betting.

How old should I be to bet on the NHL in New Hampshire?

Once you are 18 years of age, you can start taking advantage of sports betting on NHL in New Hampshire.

What is the best NH site to bet on NHL?

DraftKings has got official in NH to bet on NHL.
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