New Hampshire NFL Online Sports Betting Sites Review: Best NFL Sportsbooks & Apps

Formerly known as the American Professional Football Conference & American Professional Football Association, the roots of the National Football League date back to a century! This American football league comprises 32 teams and is one of the major North American sports leagues. With a 17-week regular season, the league hits the sports market from September to December every year. This calls for NFL fans to put in their time and effort and win real money and rewards through sports betting.

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Given the prominence of sports betting across the world, betting on the NFL has gone legal in New Hampshire. The reports surfaced on the Internet last year when the Government signed HB 480 into its law. Since July 12, 2020, NH residents can enjoy sports betting activity through the online world. Lately, there are no physical locations for NFL betting in New Hampshire.

For all NH residents who want to wager on the NFL, this post shall elucidate the various points of considerations to give an insight into the betting tendencies. If you are a fan of betting on football, this post will be helpful.

Listing the Various Betting Websites for NFL Betting in New Hampshire

The officials of the state gave DraftKings exclusive access to online legal sports betting in NH. Although the law legalized different sites to enter the betting market, DraftKings holds prominence and rights in the state right after it offered to pay 50% from the future retail in the 6-year deal and 51% of the gross gaming revenue.

Unlike other states, New Hampshire NFL betting does not include a pre-set sports betting tax. Draftkings is the only sportsbook that is operating in the state currently. It is a premium betting platform where you can avail an abundance of betting options and bonus rewards along the way.

Reasons To Choose DraftKings:

  • Exclusive provider of mobile and online wagering in NH
  • Authorized Gaming Operator of the NFL, MLB, and NBA
  • Reliable and authentic with good bonuses and offers

Outlining the Various Types of NFL Betting in New Hampshire

NFL Online Sports BettingBeginners in the world of betting shall give a little more time in understanding the wagering mechanics. Given below are the betting types that all newcomer bettors in New Hampshire should understand.

Moneyline Betting

It’s the most straightforward type of NFL betting in New Hampshire that you’d questionably have a problem in understanding. In NFL Moneyline Betting in New Hampshire, bettors choose the team that has much probability of winning the game. Although these bets are simpler to understand, they provide poor returns on investments when people bet on their favorites.

Point Spread Betting

Newcomers would already get confused at the phrase ‘betting against the spread’. But much to the knowledge of fans, it happens to be the most popular way of wagering on football. It’s also known as ATS or against the spread. These odds will remain the same while betting on either of the teams. When the money gets wagered too heavily on one team, the sportsbook alters its spread during that week. For bettors who wish to wager on the opposite side, it becomes an encouraging factor.


Bettors concern more on which team is going to win the game when they bet on totals rather than focusing strictly on the number of points scored. This type of bet is also called over/under betting. Here. Odds remain the same (either over or under). The fact that the total set by sportsbook may change throughout the week is important to learn. The total lists twice if the odds differ between the 2 options.

Prop Betting

Available throughout the NFL season, prop betting is also referred to as propositions. These bets range from the team scoring first in the game to multiple yards the given OB throws for. If this betting type includes a set of statistics, the sportsbook sets the projected total. Bettors, then, simply require choosing either over or under. You may come across prop bets, including:

  • The first scoring play
  • Highest scoring quarter
  • The team scoring first wins the game
  • The team scoring last wins the game
  • Total touchdowns scored
  • Passing yards by the quarterback
  • Rushing yards by the running back
  • Receiving yards by the receiver
  • The team turning the ball over first

Futures Betting

NFL Online Sports BettingWhen bettors wager on the team to win next year’s Super Bowl within 24 hours of the final, it’s none other than futures betting.  Before the teams get determined, NFL bettors can handpick any one team for the next year’s trophy. In this section, there are other popular bets such as Defensive Player of the Year, MVP, Defensive Rookie of the Year, Offensive Rookie of the Year, etc.

If you plan to make futures bets, it’s fundamental to ensure that the sportsbook closes these bets once that season starts. A majority of sportsbooks don’t allow fans to parlay the futures bets.

Parlay Betting

A parley involves more than a single event. It includes a combination of the point spread, Moneyline, totals, etc. Nonetheless, maximum numbers of sportsbooks won’t allow betting Moneyline & spread in one game. In fact, some sportsbooks even give allowance to unlimited events in this betting type, and other cap the number.

When bettors select this betting type, the potential payout gets increased. Plus, you require getting all the events right. It allows risking less for further winning. However, it’s imperative to ensure that there’s no prize for getting seven out of eight events in the parley right.

Live Betting

Most sportsbooks allow wagering on spread, totals, Moneyline throughout the league. And this is better known as live betting. It’s a sure thing that odds and lines will shift throughout the game, and it depends on the things & how they are progressing. Live betting allows wagering on the next play’s outcome. The props may be general and specific. You need to be quick to place the bets, for the window is particularly small.

Introducing the Best Time of NFL Betting in New Hampshire

The legal sports betting in New Hampshire is anticipated to go live before NFL season comes to a close, possibly during the annual March Madness. Unlike any other state, the NH mobile sports betting would go live. In absence of the commercial casinos, delaying mobile sports wagering isn’t justifiable.

Understanding How to Read NFL Football Odds

When it comes to wagering on football games, understanding how to read NFL odds becomes a mandate. You’ll require figuring out the betting types and major terms used for them. For instance, the point of spread becomes spread, and Moneyline becomes a line.

While reading the NFL odds, it’s compulsory to check the time and date of the game present on left and right, there’ll be two numbers of each team right next to either of the numbers. It’s the rotation number, which is a way to call out the game or team without mentioning the names.

Betting Tips

To become a successful NFL bettor in NH, strategies should combine different factors. On that note, let’s look at the potential factors.

Home vs. Away: Home NFL teams win by 55 to 60 percent. On an average winning margin, it’s less than 4 points. Moneyline bets on home teams may yield winners over a longer time period.

NFL Underdog Betting Value: In general, NFL games get decided by three points or lesser. Given that the wagering market usually sides with favorites, sportsbooks set better values on underdogs.

Line Movement Analysis

NFL Online Sports BettingUnder this category, here are a few points:

  • Halftime. Sportsbooks offer more live betting options.  At halftime, sportsbooks post Moneyline odds for the game’s remainder. Furthermore, the last 15 minutes is also fundamental as sportsbooks make rush decisions, catering to the favorites (public money).
  • Public Money. Bettors back the favorites in football. While analyzing matchups, it’s best to wait until or act immediately closer to kickoff (for bettors preferring underdogs).
  • Handicapping Regular Season & Playoffs. If you think home-field is an advantage, come playoffs are significant and you can bet accordingly.
  • Betting Trends. Understanding where public money is going will be a helpful move. Plus, it’s a prerequisite move to check for the betting trends of the market. That’s how you get to discover more strategies.
  • Team Analysis. Several team-oriented factors must be considered while deciding how to bet.
  • Team injuries. Ensure teams’ win/loss streaks, it’s playing indoors, its past performance on specific weather conditions, and more.

Latest News on NFL Sports Betting in NH

Wagering enthusiasts can expect to see more points put up on Raiders & Chargers. In the initial matchup between these teams, they have put up a combined point of 57. The Raiders are competing for playoff spots, and it’s a great buy-low situation concerning the team’s performance in the past weeks.

An EndNote

NFL betting in New Hampshire is an excellent way to supplement all your enjoyment of games. If you are serious about enhancing your sports betting skills, then you have read and learned the facts and facets concerning NFL legal sports betting in New Hampshire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in NH can I bet on the NFL?

DraftKings has been selected as NH Online Sportsbooks for NFL Bets by the State Lottery to be the sole sports betting (retail and mobile) operator in the state.

What types of bets can I make on NFL games?

Several types of NFL bets are there to make. You can try Moneyline, totals, against the spread, etc.

What factors should be considered while betting on NFL games?

Betting on football games like NFL in New Hampshire should be done keeping these factors in mind: The quality of the team, The style of the team to match up against the opposite team, The motivation of the teams, The injury reports (if any) for each team, Primary trends and relevant statistics.

How old should you be to bet on the NFL in New Hampshire?

The minimum age to legally make sports bets in the state of New Hampshire is 18 years.

What are the most popular games to bet in the NFL?

The most popular game to bet in NH is the NFL football game.
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