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New Hampshire has always been known for excellent horse racing that dates back to 1906 with the Rockingham Park track. Live betting in the Granite State disappeared from NH horizon in 2016 when its only track closed. Not that it could place a damper on leading races as betting continued online. While being at a track offers unique experiences, innovation did not neglect to allow punters to watch and wager live so begin placing wagers at horse races online.

Top Online Horse Betting Sites in New Hampshire
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BetAmerica Racebook

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TVG Racebook

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Therefore, should you ask anyone in New Hampshire if they are not missing horse races and horse bets they would tell you that horse racing has improved with live races, improved odds, and global racing? New Hampshire Online Sports Betting in 2020 got a significant boost with New Hampshire Online Horse Betting added to sports. While players did not start wagering online only recently, the fact that there are no tracks for live in-person wagering had a huge impact on numbers.

New Hampshire Online Horse Betting Law

Less than 3 years after the last horse racing track closed forever, legislators passed H 480 bill.  Sports and legal wager on horse races in New Hampshire bills were passed.  Horse racing events with cash wagers were now legal. It includes all major sports except for New Hampshire interstate school and college matches.

Horse Racing Betting SitesWhile six large cities in New Hampshire approved sportsbooks several NH Lottery retailers will allow a number of platforms in the meantime. Sportsbooks that wanted to get in on this lucrative action with the popularity of horse races and wagers, tried to get regulated and licensed to offer online horse racing betting. At the time when the bill passed, only 1 legal platform that was allowed a sports license was DraftKings Sportsbook. Other platforms followed since the middle of 2019 to allow horse races and accept wagers.

It was agreed that DraftKings pay 50% of its revenue to State for its exclusivity. Interstate Horseracing Act which is under NH Lottery Commission has a Racing and Charitable Gaming division that oversee pari-mutuel wagering and horse racing at all off-track betting sites.

All New Hampshire Online Horse Betting Sites

Seabrook Park Racebook

Seabrook Park is one of residents’ reliable horse betting sites in New Hampshire as the first choice in mobile and simulcast wager. It is NH state’s only off-track facility where you can begin placing bets with any time wagering via mobile app.


Horse Racing Betting SitesBetAmerica is an established platform offering bonuses and live streaming and one of the best Best New Hampshire Online Horse Betting Sites. It offers 200+ tracks that combine bets placed at tracks with online wagers which increase odds for higher payouts. New players get a 100% matching bonus of up to $100 and a safe, secure platform with easy, fast withdrawal. Anyone can watch live racing at the site with excellent customer support and live chat. This sportsbook and casino have its number 1 which is horse racing. You will find every wager type as you would expect at a real track. All major races on the market including the World Championships of Thoroughbred Horse Racing where punters gather to witness and wager on history every year for the last 37 years.


Registering at TVG gets you in winning mode from the onset with its 100% matching welcome bonus. As a top-rated horse platform in New Hampshire, it has features like Expert picks, free handicapping, updated stats, race alerts, free streaming, and outstanding pari-mutuel wagering. TVG has an app and a mobile-friendly platform to place your wagers. iPhone and iPad can get an app at iTunes while Android users et theirs directly from the Home Page of the TVG website.


Legal horse betting in New Hampshire where punters bet at 300+ global tracks covering anything from Kentucky Derby betting to Breeder’s Cup, Preakness Stakes, thoroughbred, harness, and quarter horse. It was the US’ first online betting site to offer parlay wagers and continues to do so. Increased winning chances with tools and features like promotions, multiple wagering tools + races streamed live.


One of the longest-established trusted sites, New Hampshire residents have more than 300 global tracks waiting for punters. Since 2006 TwinSpires’ off-track betting site has offered excellent payout options, bonus deals, broadcasting of huge races like Belmont Stakes, Triple Crown, and excellent track odds.

How Does Horse Betting Work?

A sport that even royalty loves and frequented by the elite, rich and famous nothing will keep horse lovers from placing wagers even when they cannot physically be at a track. It is, however, even easier to place a bit of cash online via mobile or desktop. It is different from sports gambling. For example, pari-mutuel which is popular at TVG isn’t choosing specific horses to win. Here a player contributes to a money pool which will be split between a couple of people.

Horse BettingFor example, you and everyone else decide on a win, if you win a bet, the stake goes into a pool. Every time you or anyone else win, the money goes into the shared pool. Pari-mutuel is also referred to as pooled betting.

Other forms of placing a bet, as explained below are picking a winner, which is horse racing’s popular type. You don’t have to stake money on a single horse either as you have multiple predictions to choose from. You can even pick the winner of each race on a single ticket. Three top dominating off-track sites TwinSpires, BetAmerica, and TVG have the largest attraction for Pari-Mutuel wagers.

Types of Bets to Place in New Hampshire Online Horse Betting

Straight Bet

  • Win – you pick which horse will be the winner
  • Place – decide if a horse might be in the top two
  • Show – one bet that places a horse in the top three spots

Combination Straight Bets

  • Across the Board – excitement as it could be any one of the bet types
  • Win/Place – here as indicated a bet could go either way
  • Place/Show – the picked horse can be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd

Exotic Bets

  • Exacta – choosing this type, you wager money on first and second-place horses. Except here a winning order must be correct.
  • Quinella – you place a bet on two first horses to win, 1st and 2nd places but it does not matter which one is first and which is second.
  • Trifecta – pick horses that come first, second and third; this winning order must be correct.
  • Superfecta – place a bet on four horses that finishes first and up to fourth place but this order must be exact.

Exotic Bets on Multiple Races

It is a popular method that is seldom done by novice bettors. Exotic bets require that you place multiple stakes across multiple races at once. You do not play separate bets though, one that predicts all the winners of all races that will run on a particular meeting. You pick every race’s winner of the different legs but everyone must be correct. Included are pick 3, pick 3, pick 6, Double plus Place Pick All.

History of Horse Racing in New Hampshire

New Hampshire indeed has a strange horse racing history. Back in the day when gambling and wagering were illegal, the first racetrack opened. Throughout decades from 1906, there has always been a horse racing track. Where there is a track, obviously there is gambling with no regard as to its legality. Now that wagering is legal, New Hampshire ironically doesn’t have any track left.

Rockingham Park was open only for a few days in 1906 until it was shut down by law. However, it was reopened in 1933 to save the state from the great depression. Therefore, Legislature legalized part-mutual racing with a grand reopening on June 21, 1933. Disaster struck in the form of a fire in 1980 only to reopen again four years later. Ups and downs with dog racing also having played a role, the Rockingham Park racetrack closed forever in 2016. Fortunately, no racetrack does nor preclude any New Hampshire residents from international and races held anywhere in the world.

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What’s the age requirement?

While different states in the United States have different laws on age, New Hampshire has its own rules with its younger generation. Here nobody under 18 years is allowed to gamble. Anyone of 18-year and older can bet on sports.

Will a credit/debit card work to deposit funds?

Yes, you can use both debit and credit card to start wagering on horses. Deposit funds using numerous methods including cards. The minimum deposit amount using cards range between $10 to $20. Other payment methods accepted include money orders and checks, wire transfer, online bill pay and Betcash.

Who can bet at horse betting?

Anyone can do it when they meet age requirements and if they meet location requirement. To bet you have to live within New Hampshire. While you can move outside of state lines, most legal sports betting, casino and sportsbook apps have geolocation software that will make sure you are within state lines.
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