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Daily fantasy sports refer to a series of season-long fantasy sports contests where games get started and completed in a day or within hours. These games mirror season-long fantasy sports but are condensed into shorter and more anxiety-inducing versions. A player drafts the team in the morning and the season concludes by the end of the day.  DFS was legalized in the state of New Hampshire in 2017 after operating for about eight years of unspecified legal status.

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DFS Betting SitesOn estimate, players of Daily Fantasy Sports in New Hampshire are more than 200,000, representing over 15% of the state’s population. Fans of these fantastic sports will find this article helpful as it’ll provide them with tips, guides, and other information necessary to explore the world of DFS in New Hampshire.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Sportsbook for DFS Bets

Choosing an excellent NH daily fantasy sports betting site can be quite challenging. If you search for DFS betting platforms on the internet, you’ll see various websites with each of them having mouthwatering offers and bonuses, all in a bid to attract customers. However, don’t hurry into deciding as there are several factors to consider first.

Betting Options

As a DFS fan, you desire to bet for most times of the year on varying options, and you want to maximize returns. To have a good DFS wagering experience, select a sportsbook that offers more selections than the basics, and check for sports offered in daily fantasy schedules.


DFS Betting SitesNearly all New Hampshire mobile sports betting platforms offer bonuses upon deposits; they’re what they use in attracting gamblers to their website. Due to tight industry competition, these bonuses vary from one betting site to the other. With some, it’s only a few hundred bucks, while in others, it could be up to a thousand dollars. Settling on one with a fantastic bonus offer is vital.

Loyalty Programs

Betting on DFS online can be quite challenging, especially when you’re yet to get the hang of things. So, in your search for an excellent online DFS betting platform, settle for one with excellent loyalty reward programs.


It’s essential to bet on a site that offers maximum protection for customer details and credit card information. It’s advisable to favor online sportsbooks for DFS bets regulated by the gambling authorities and are under the state’s jurisdiction. Ensure that the platform you choose has a good track record in terms of security.

Banking Method

Any sportsbook you’re betting on must provide you with easy-to-use banking methods and options. It must support various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, PayNearMe, etc. A site that stresses you out during payment isn’t one to join.

Top NH DFS Betting Sites

While regular online sports betting is yet to gain legal status in New Hampshire, playing daily fantasy sports is legal, resulting from a 2017 bill passed to regulate the industry. Presently, playing at DFS sites in NH is legal. Some of the best licensed and regulated websites to bet with include:

Monkey Knife Fight

DFS Betting SitesMonkey Knife Fight is one of the fastest-growing NH online sports betting sites. The website is designed to allow sports fans who don’t have time to engage in serious data analysis to pick from several fantasy data prop wagers available on pro fantasy sports games daily.

They have a 100% first-time deposit bonus offer for new customers, where you’re rewarded with a bonus amount commensurate with the size of your first deposit. If you deposit $20, you’ll get an extra $20 in site credit. They don’t have a mobile app yet.

New Hampshire DraftKings DFS

DraftKings is a sports betting platform that has been bossing the daily fantasy sports sector for a while. This DFS betting site offers an optimum user experience and tops the DFS charts to protect players. They have one of the best DFS betting apps available for both Android and iOS users.

This DFS online and retail sportsbook offers a $20 free play upon first deposit and a 20% deposit match up to $500 for both new and existing players. With them, deposits and withdrawals are seamless. The latter requires the last four digits of your social security number to ensure no other person gets access to your money.

FanDuel DFS

DFS Betting SitesWith over six million registered users spread across the US, FanDuel in New Hampshire competes with some of the industry’s best. It offers public and private leagues and lots of daily prizes that range from cash to bragging rights.

The site offers a $20 bonus on an initial deposit of $20 or more to new users without having to use a FanDuel promo code. They have mobile sports betting app that works on both Android and iOS platforms.


This DFS site that launched operations in 2014 has a massive cash prize and has a high celebrity endorsement. They’ve got rake-free daily fantasy competitions during which all prize money gets distributed among winners.

DFS Betting SitesAlso, they have a viable referral scheme that rewards players when they bring friends aboard. When you sign up, you’re eligible for a 4% cashback bonus of up to $200 that can last up to three months.

Types of Daily Fantasy Sports

Many DFS sites feature a large number of varying contests and leagues, all with names that may not make lots of sense to you. It might be overwhelming, and you might even consider giving up, but you shouldn’t.

All contests and leagues fall into two broad categories from which you can engage in in-play DFS betting. They include:

Cash Games

These are DFS games where you have a significant chance of winning, even though the reward is relatively small. Cash games are quite popular due to their simplicity, the ease of playing them, and their social game nature. They also represent a good chance of raking in some bucks, based on best statistics.

The most popular games in this category are 50/50s and head-to-heads. 50/50 fantasy sports contests feature several participants, with the top 50% winning the prize money. Every participant in the top 50% gets an equal share of the winning, while nothing goes to the remaining 50%.

Head-to-head contests are also similar to the remaining 50/50s in that they follow the same principle. However, it involves two entrants and you get to be playing against other people. Here, the participant with the higher score wins while the other gets nothing. In cash games, you can also wager on the DFS futures markets or win totals.

Daily Fantasy Sports Tournaments

DFS Betting SitesTournaments are DFS contest types that attract many players. Here, you get to pick a team and build it. They’re characterized by huge payouts but low winning chances. The score usually determines winning; the higher your score, the higher your chances of winning. Famous DFS tournaments include guaranteed prize pools (GPP), leagues, and satellites.

Various DFS Betting Signup Bonuses

DFS enthusiasts become eligible for different types of bonuses when they sign up on specific betting sites. These bonuses differ from one platform to the other. They include:

Free Bets

Free bets are bonuses provided by NH real money betting sites to allow you to make free bets of up to a specified amount, mostly after signing up on such sites. The amount to wager depends on the bookmakers’ terms and conditions.

Here is how free bets work; you sign up with a betting site, then place free bets on events and wait. If the bet wins, you get paid net winning, and if it loses, you’ve got nothing to lose. An example is the DraftKings DFS $20 free play upon first deposit.

Welcome Cash Bonuses

The best DFS gambling sites have welcome cash bonuses for new signups. In this situation, the site offers an extra cash bonus on your first deposits. It varies with every sports betting platform, with some offering 50% and others 100%.

The amount involved ranges from $40 to $300. However, this bonus type comes with certain conditions that you’ve got to meet. Examples include Monkey Knife Fight’s 100% first-time deposit bonus, Fanduel DFS’s $20 bonus on first deposits of $20 or more, etc.

Money-Back Bonus

Money-back is another DFS wagering site bonus for new signups. It’s one that allows you to place win-win bets, i.e., you bet on individual DFS games with a certain amount specified by the site, and if the bet loses, you’ll get your stake back. For you to be eligible for this bonus offer, you’re required to comply with terms and conditions. An example of this is the 4% cashback bonus of up to $200 on FantasyDraft.

DFS Betting Tips

Gamble with the Right DFS Site

DFS Betting SitesUsing the best sites is the first step towards getting the most out of DFS in New Hampshire. All options available in the market are pretty good and playable; however, some sites provide more selections than others, such as the inclusion of live betting options and players’ statistics. For the best DFS gambling experience, choose an ideal site that offers you several options, including live DFS games.

Don’t Ignore Bonuses

Thankfully, many DFS websites offer several bonuses for new customers; they come in the form of sign-up cash bonuses, free bets, and cashback offers. Worthy of note is that bonus offers vary from one site to another.

Once you’ve learned how to bet on DFS, ensure you don’t miss out on bonuses as they’re bound to come in handy when you least expect them. Follow all necessary conditions attached to them.

Experiment with Several Contests

Many people get involved in DFS mainly for its entertainment value. If you belong to this group, you’ll do well to try the different kinds of contests and tournaments available; it’s the best way to bet on DFS.

Try your hands at NBA and NFL season games. If you’re interested in making a financial profit from them, it’d be more helpful and gainful if you were to focus on cash games. Check various odd makers for DFS odds.

Effective Management is Key

As entertaining as DFS can be, it’s easy to lose tons of cash to season-long fantasy games if you don’t take adequate care. To ensure you don’t lose your savings, practice effective financial management.

Latest News on DFS in New Hampshire

Ahead of Week 15 NFL DFS lineup picks, Sportline’s Mike McClure, A DFS expert, gives some tips that can guide you towards building a winning lineup. According to him, the NFL DFS player pool is presently full of talents that can help you compile points, a situation that’s bound to leave you confused as to the most ideal names to feature in your picks. He advises that you check out the strategy and projections he drops before setting Week-15 lineups.

Based on player statistics, his Week-15 NFL DFS picks feature Viking running back, Dalvin Cook ($9,000 on DraftKings and $9,400 on FanDuel), and Rams running back, Cam Akers ($6,600 on DraftKings and $6,700 on FanDuel). Both players are in good form at the moment and would make a formidable, match-winning team. You might even win the Super Bowl.


DFS betting is getting increasingly popular in New Hampshire, with a rapidly increasing population of fans and enthusiasts. Every day, new markets and options are being introduced to boost user experience, and they hold great potential. Salary cap-based contests are also available for you to play based on the salary cap set by the site.

If you’re looking to join the train of online sports betting in New Hampshire, consider going into DFS, you’re sure to be thrilled and entertained. There are several sportsbooks with operator licenses on which you can bet with apps for iOS and Android.

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Is betting on DFS legal in New Hampshire?

It's completely legal to bet on DFS in New Hampshire. DFS legal sports betting in New Hampshire took effect from the summer of 2017.

Is DFS just a form of sports betting? 

DFS is legally different from sports betting. Proponents of the former refer to it as a skill-based game while the latter comes off as a chance game, i.e., gambling.

Should I pay taxes on DFS winnings in NH? 

Yes, if you win more than $600. State gambling laws require players to pay federal taxes on DFS winnings of over $600.

What is the minimum age required to bet legally on DFS in New Hampshire?

Gambling Laws in New Hampshire requires players to be over eighteen years of age to bet on Daily Fantasy Sports.

Can I play on multiple DFS websites in NH? 

Yes. Players have the liberty of choosing their preferred DFS websites in New Hampshire.
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